About Us

Who we are

  • Team of bi-lingual and/or bi-cultural educational experts dedicated to assisting international or ESL students on their educational needs
  • Long-term thinkers whose approach go beyond just getting the students into a school but pave the road for their future academic and professional successes
  • Seasoned professionals equipped with a wide range of background, work experiences, and academic training in the fields of educational consulting and ESL instruction
  • Ethical consultants who focus solely on the students’ benefits and do not receive any referral fees from any schools to limit the recommendations
  • Members of professional organizations who keep up with the changes and trends in college admissions and who follow established codes of best practices

Who we serve

  • Based in Seattle with offices in Nanjing and Beijing but serving families worldwide
  • International boarding students whose application requirements may differ from those who finish high school outside of the U.S.
  • Immigrant families who need help to navigate the U.S. school system, and guidance on course selection and co-curricular options
  • International students will benefit from our bi-cultural and bi-lingual approach, and firsthand knowledge of the U.S. schools
  • ESL learners aim to improve English and/or to have an authentic experience of the American education
  • High school graduates who want a pre-college foundation program to strengthen their skills before attending college
  • Community College students who want to complete high school in the U.S. and/or to transfer to other 4-year institutions

How TEAM works

We don’t just work hard; we work smart to promote students’ self-sufficiency and to strengthen the skills needed for successful college applications and long-term success in college. As a team, each of our consultants focuses on particular services to provide you with expert advice.

  • Anita advises students through the entire process. From the initial assessment and advice on activities and testing, college research and visits, application and essays brainstorming, and to the final step of decision and transition, Anita helps families manage and succeed.
  • Merry works with parents providing updates on students’ progress through the services of Communication and Translation for Chinese-speaking parents. She also guides families through document preparation
  • Trude is our English and Writing Coach. Her training and experience working with ESL learners for over 20 years helps students improve their English, prepare for English proficiency test, and edit their application essays.