Our Process


The process in applying for private school or college is essentially the same. Successful applications require:

  • active engagement from student and support from parents

  • self-understanding and thoughtful evaluation

  • knowledge of the schools and process

  • good planning/organization and timely execution

Please see below for the steps in college applications to illustrate the process:

Step 1: Preparation & Assessment

  • Understand the student, families, academic standing, and plans
  • Identify the student’s strengths and gaps from a college perspective
  • Advise on course selection and activities to match interests/abilities
  • Set goals and action plans to improve competitiveness
  • Standardized test schedules with recommendations

Step 2: Research & Visits

  • Guide student set college selection criteria based on good match
  • Personalized list of good-fit colleges
  • Detailed, individualized write-ups of each potentially suitable school
  • Guidance on efficient further research by students
  • Tips on school visit planning and effective campus tours

Step 3: Applications & Essays

  • Application scheduling and deadlines management
  • Tips and practices on school interviews, college fairs and visits
  • Essays brainstorming, critiquing and final editing
  • Best presentation of activities and resume
  • Financial aid filing and scholarships search assistance

Step 4: Decisions & Transitions

  • Admission outcomes evaluation to facilitate final decisions
  • Visa interview practice and document preparation
  • Initial housing arrangements or applications
  • First term class registration assistance
  • Social adjustment and campus safety advice