Secondary School Package


For international or ESL students, moving to or studying in the U.S. during secondary school can build better English and cultural competency, and have a smoother transition to college among other outcomes. However, for some, leaving your hometown and separating from friends and/or family during these formative years may outweigh the benefits. We first begin by helping family analyze if this is the right path for the student.


Our Secondary School Package includes the following:

  • Surveys for students and parents to familiarize us with your preferences and background
  • Detailed discussions on the type of schools that best match your needs
  • Dual language description and analysis on each recommended school
  • Assistance on completing all required documents
  • Translation of all required forms from school, banking institutions, etc. (if applicable)
  • Guidance on application essays, interviews with admission counselors, and school tours
  • Facilitation on communication between schools and families
  • One month of direct support for international students upon arrival