Int’l & Immigrants

College applications are a complicated and daunting task for most families, especially for international applicants who often have more considerations, testing and forms to complete than domestic students. And for new immigrants or green card students, some schools view your application using the lens of international students. We are experts in helping international, immigrant and ESL students. The following links might be useful for students with international backgrounds.


  • TOEFL. For international students to test for English proficiency
  • ILETS. Another widely accepted English proficiency test
  • TOEFL Junior. An English proficiency test for students age 11 to 15
  • SSAT. Private school admission test for students entering grades 3rd thru 12th
  • ISEE. Another private school admission test but only available in the U.S.
  • American Honors. A 2-year honors program for motivated students including international
  • Channel C. Helpful video produced by Chinese students at the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
  • American Culture Video. Helpful videos produced by Univ. of Southern California for intl students.
  • Getting Along with Americans. Part of the Intl Student Handbook published by Univ. of Florida.

Helpful and Free ESL sites and apps:

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